Using Abicin

Directions For Use

Abicin® 30% Resin lacquer is made of purified spruce tree resin (Picea abies). The purity and biological effectiveness against certain fungi and bacteria of the lacquer is checked in every manufacturing batch.

Active Ingredients

Purified spruce tree (Picea abies) trunk resin. The resin content of the product is 30% of the ingredients. The lacquer has a strong resin scent and is uniformly brown in colour.

Also Contains

Denatured ethanol, Norway Spruce (Picea abies) resin, Methoxyisopropanol, Propylene glycol, Isopropyl myristate.


To be used on adults as a healing-promoting treatment for nail fungus, athlete's foot and paronychia (inflammation of the cuticle). Abicin® 30% Resin lacquer promotes the healing of fungi causing nail fungus (dermatophytes, Trichophyton fungi) and bacterial infections. The resin content of the lacquer is high enough to guarantee the best possible effectiveness to prevent the growth of nail fungus.

Instructions For Use

To thin out a thickened nail, we recommend visiting a foot care professional. In home treatment, the nail's surface is to be roughened with a nail file if needed, then washed (to soften it) and dried before applying the Abicin® 30% Resin lacquer. The lacquer is applied thinly on the to-be-treated area using the brush in the bottle cap and then let to dry. The lacquer sets in about 5 minutes. The infected area (nail, nail root area and cuticle) are treated with Abicin® 30% Resin lacquer twice a week. The treatment is continued until the nail is completely healed. Nail fungus infection of the toes can last up to 9-12 months. The treatment is successful when a new, healthy nail has grown to replace the damaged nail. Do not use fake nails or cosmetic nail polishes during the Abicin® treatment. When treating athlete's foot, Abicin® 30% Resin lacquer is applied on the to-be-treated area once a day until the skin has healed. Bacterial paronychia heals in 1-3 weeks.


To prevent evaporation, the cap of the lacquer bottle must be kept tightly closed when stored. Shake the bottle before use. Store closed in a clean space in room temperature. Unopened product stays good in room temperature for at least 4 years. Once opened, they product stays good in room temperature for 1 year.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Abicin® 30% Resin lacquer is not to be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Before using on children, consult a doctor. There is no information on the possible harmful effects during pregnancy and breastfeeding or on children.


There are no known clinically significant combined effects.


Does not impact driving ability or the using of machinery.

Side effects

Using Abicin® 30% Resin lacquer is forbidden for people with hypersensitivities/allergies to natural resins/rosins. The lacquer contains resins which can cause allergic skin reactions (allergic contact dermatitis) in people with resin/ rosin hypersensitivity. There are no other know contraindications. If you suspect you have a hypersensitivity to natural resins/rosins, first only apply Abicin® 30% Resin lacquer on a small batch of skin. If irritation or allergic symptoms (itching, redness, swelling, blisters etc.) manifest within 3 days, you cannot use the Abicin® Resin lacquer. If allergic symptoms manifest later during the treatment, immediately discontinue using the lacquer and use other treatment. If needed, contact a doctor. During the treatment, the nail may fade, get more brittle or crack.

Other notes

Please notify Espère Healthcare immediately if you notice any possible side effects, combined effects etc.